Ever since setting up my website and blogging on a regular basis, the number of visitors has been growing exponentially and I now get 12’000 monthly visitors to my site, many of whom are subscribers to my blog. The beauty of enjoying such large numbers is one hand the satisfaction gained from providing readers with useful quality content and one the other hand the willingness of businesses from a wide variety of sectors to advertise on my site. While there is an obvious financial perk in selling advertising space on my site, there is also great gain for advertisers as well as readers. Advertisers are given access to an entire community of potential customers for their product or service and readers are given leads to relevant sources of products and services they may require. Everyone profits in some way and the connections made are often long-lasting. On my site you already see a large number of ads, all of which have been carefully crafted and designed to maximize their impact and the gain derived from it.

Targeted Advertising

The effectiveness of advertising can be hard to quantify, in print media the vast majority of effort and investment is lost on the randomness of readers and it is therefore vital to spend wisely in advertising and to choose a targeted platform for doing so. My site is read only by people who either have or are in the process of starting their business and you are therefore guaranteed an interested audience. If you have a product or business that such budding or existing entrepreneurs may require, you can rest assured that my readers count themselves amongst them.  With targeted advertising you can be sure that you will gain more than you invested which is ultimately the aim of advertising.

Top Exposure

By advertising on my site, you will escalate your exposure and reach a growing number of potential customers. In the age of social media shares, a well-designed ad has often been shared multiple times and this has awarded many of our advertisers even greater access to a worldwide market.

Effective Ad Design and Placement

Careful market research and advertising statistics collected through my website have allowed me to come up with a formula for the design and placement of an optimally effective ad. In collaboration with many businesses I have been able to establish what types of ads work and where on my website they are best placed. If you have an idea for an ad, all you need to do is to outline the exact nature of your product or service, the precise market, you would like to target and myself and my team will use this information to craft a powerful and effective ad for you and know precisely where on my site to place it as well as when to do so.

Ads are matched up with blog content relevant to your product or service in order to optimize the effect of your ad and many of our advertisers pay testimony to the incredible results achieved. Advertising on my site has increased sales and business activity of my advertisers in a real and quantifiable way and all advertisers have reported a considerable increase in profits and revenue. Many of them continue to run their ads on my site for a prolonged period of time.

From Idea to Advertisement

There are two types of advertiser; those who come with a ready-made ad and those that just turn up with an idea. Regardless of what category you fall into, myself and my team will firstly sit down and consult with you in an effort to define your goals and objectives as well as for us to familiarize ourselves with your product or service. Once targets have been set and we have a clear image of your product or service, we will then design your ad either from scratch or by using the ad you have provided. In both instances, we will ensure that your ad is striking, thought-provoking and head-turning and that it will put your product or service in the best and the brightest possible spotlight.

Get in Touch

If you think you might like to advertise on my site, please get in touch and I will talk you through the entire process and outline your options. Collaboration is key and together we will create the most profitable and gainful advertisement possible and bring your product or service to a sizeable, highly focused and targeted audience. Please send your concept through the form below.