I recently read that nearly 90% of products available in supermarkets are owned by 10 major corporations, a shocking thought you might think, but this has just strengthened my desire and resolve to collaborate with other small businesses and create a worldwide network of entrepreneurs – for there is strength in numbers and if thousands of us gather our ideas and jointly harness our talents and energy we can truly introduce new thinking and encourage others to develop and give birth to their own projects. My business is to consult, advise and support while also constructing a network of like-minded people with the shared desire and passion to collaborate in the establishment of outside the box ideas and projects. Please get in touch by using the contact form below.

There are lot of reasons why I would like you to get in touch with me:

Request My Services: Consulting is what I do best and if you would like to avail of my services, please get in touch and I will quickly respond and outline the process involved. I am always excited to hear about new projects and ideas and I always do my utmost to co-create and collaborate with entrepreneurs and establish tailor-made structures for the successful creation of a new venture. My services include advice and assistance in all aspects of setting up a business from finance, licensing, legal requirements, choosing premises, sourcing, distribution, promotion, advertising and marketing and all other aspects you may need assistance with.

Ask For Advice: If you feel that you are coping well and do not need a full consultancy service, you may still get in touch with me if you hit upon a stumbling block and just need a bit of guidance.  I have been fortunate enough to be in a position to avail of the encouragement and assistance of many friends and colleagues and I am more than happy to do the same for you, no matter how insignificant your request may seem.

Get a Copy of my Book: Do get in touch if you would like to read my book “Be Your Own Boss”

Explore Collaboration: I am always looking for collaborators and if you feel that we would work well together, you must contact me at once! One of my main desires is to keep my consultancy services fresh and I feel that this can be virtually guaranteed by working with others. Though my knowledge is quite far-reaching at this stage, I learn something new from other entrepreneurs on a daily basis and this constant learning process has helped me to keep my services current, relevant and effective. Regardless of how you envisage our potential collaboration, make sure to contact me and share your thoughts and I will only be delighted to explore a possible collaboration.

Offer Your Services: Please offer me your services if you feel that they could be beneficial to my work. Any service can always be enhanced and consultancies improved, and I have availed of many services and been delighted with the results.  If your service or product is relevant to my business, I would like to hear from you and examine the possibilities. Just by connecting we will both benefit from each other’s wisdom and experience and there is always joy in teamwork.

Share Your Wisdom: I would also very much value the stories and expertise of well-seasoned entrepreneurs as their journey and experiences always serve as an inspiration to those just starting out. By hearing such stories, of success or otherwise as the case may be, fledgling entrepreneurs will gain a most valuable insight into the life and times of an entrepreneur.  The sense of joint experience created by the sharing of your story and wisdom is most precious and lies at the root of my desire to create my business and this website. Entrepreneurship does not need to be a lonely process and by bestowing others with your wisdom and connecting with others on a similar journey, you will contribute in the creation of a larger entrepreneur-family.

Outside the Box Reasons: I have learnt that there are always new ways, other reasons and innovative thoughts and I would therefore urge you to get in touch for any other reason you can think of. I have been privileged to work with many great minds who have taught me an awful lot and you might just be the person with the most innovative thoughts yet!

Get in touch soon and do so by using the form below.