The Evolution of the Data Center: A Smart Solution for Modern Companies Grows Up

Data centers have been around for decades, but they have not stayed the same over that period. They have seen many changes that have completely altered what a data center is for a modern company.

Here are some details on how the modern data center has evolved to become smarter and more efficient compared to even just a few years ago.

DCIM Provides Increased Automation

One of the biggest changes to occur in the data center was the arrival of data center information management. DCIM solutions have become essential to improve data center efficiency now that data centers are far more complex than they used to be.

DCIM solutions provide a holistic view of the performance of the data center by providing an overview of equipment, energy usage, and more, ensuring that all of these elements are used efficiently.

In large data centers, energy can cost a huge amount of money. The systems provide a great deal of insight into energy usage, so you can make decisions that can have a big impact on the bottom line and run a more eco-friendly organization.

Modern Data Centers Have a Focus on Efficiency

The modern data center is now focused on improving efficiency, and it does this in many ways. Take asset management, for example. With a DCIM solution, you can manage thousands of assets with ease and find out exactly when each asset requires replacing in advance.

This means there is no need to suffer significant downtime, if any at all, which can be incredibly expensive.

The Development of AI Solutions

Artificial intelligence (AI) has also made a big difference to the modern data center. We are constantly hearing about AI in the news and how it is changing the world around us, and the same applies to the data center.

Improving energy efficiency and ensuring uptime are areas that can be helped by AI like Google has done with its data centers. An outage can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and waste a lot of time, so this is an important consideration.

AI enables machines to take over jobs that would otherwise have to be carried out by humans. One of the biggest tasks is interpreting data, and AI can now do this in order to make automatic decisions concerning the operation of the data center.

Overall, AI can help to improve resource management and operational efficiency when it is used along with DCIM software. It can also help to analyze the power usage and the status of critical systems, and manage power usage automatically.

Reducing the power consumption in a data center can potentially save millions of dollars, and AI can also help to improve security, make data centers more eco-friendly, increase uptime, lower costs, and lead to improved performance.

Embrace the Modern Data Center

Data centers have changed significantly over the decades to arrive at the efficient modern data center that we have today. If your data center is in need of modernization, one of the first things to do is look at DCIM solutions. Understand how these can improve your data center, then find a suitable solution for your company.