How to prepare your car for winter driving

Preparing the vehicles in your company fleet for winter is the same as making sure you own car is ready for the flakes and the frost. If you’re unsure where to begin, you can access helpful winterization guides for various car types at But, the big items to remember are typically the same for all cars.

You will need to check the tires on your fleet vehicles. You want to make sure that the tread depth on all tires are sufficient to support the performance of the type of vehicle. Tires with worn dread can be exceedingly dangerous in messy winter months reducing the ability to stop the vehicle and increasing the chance of slips and slides on the road. You can check tire pressure to as the winter months approach but colder air tends to condense tire pressure, so it’s likely you’ll have to check tire pressure again once the freezing temps set in. Having the proper tire pressure ensures optimal performance of the fleet’s tires in winter driving conditions.

You will also want to inspect all windshield wipers on the fleet vehicles. If any of them are starting to look work, now is the time to replace them. If your employees find themselves driving through a blistering snow storm, effective wipers will be critical to keep their field of vision clear. You might also want to check to make sure the windshield wiper fluid in the vehicles is rated for freezing temperatures. If your business is located in place familiar with winter, chances are it is.

Also be sure to have a certified mechanic check the braking system on all vehicles in the fleet. Properly working brakes are critical for safe winter driving. All components of the braking system should be in good condition as winter approaches and should have enough life left in them to last well beyond the last snow flakes.