This blog is designed to be a top quality resource for fledgling entrepreneurs offering detailed advice on all aspects of starting up a business. While I am in a strong position to offer my expertise on a wide variety of subjects and carry wanna-be entrepreneurs through the process, the blog is also meant to be a forum providing ingenious knowledge from a broad spectrum of voices originating from all walks of life and a plethora of individuals. Several business-savvy voices are better than just one and that is the reason why I would like to invite you to submit your guest post. You may do so by using the contact form below. I look forward to reading your knowledgeable piece and will gladly publish it on my popular blog. This is a win-win for all, the thousands of monthly website visitors of mine will get the benefit of learning from your quality advice, you, your name and your business mastery will enjoy great online exposure and I get the joy of providing my readers with top material as well as the satisfaction of providing a savvy blogger with a platform for excellent content writing. Moreover, we all get to collaborate, interact and learn from each other.

In essence, consider submitting a guest post in the following context:

Journey Blog Post: Submit a post that tells your story and do not be afraid to share the difficulties and teething problems you had to grapple with during initial stages. Stories of triumph in the face of adversity, overcoming obstacles and dealing with common problems and frustrations can be of invaluable benefit to new entrepreneurs. Any such post will serve as practical advice and effective tools readers will be able to use along their own road to success.

Top Tips: In the course of setting up a business I have found that entrepreneurs may have a great vision, but may on occasion lack the practical skills required to bring this vision to fruition. Any tips on conceiving, developing and planning the implementation of a business idea is greatly appreciated and most useful. Any areas can be touched on here, from writing a business plan, to getting finance, choosing premises, to developing a marketing strategy and all other aspects that need to be tackled by entrepreneurs.

How to Grasps Nettles: In everyone’s entrepreneurial story there are chapters with difficult tasks and everyone starting up a business will stumble upon areas of weakness. Advise on how to grasp such nettles in any area of an entrepreneur’s life would also make for great guest posts.

Support and Networking: I have found that many individuals starting a business do so from quite a lonely place because of the uniqueness of their project. While this individual essence needs to be nurtured it is also vital to illustrate the importance of collaboration and mutual support to self-starters. By submitting a post outlining possible ways of networking and collaborating, the enormous benefits thereof would be highlighted and could then be harnessed by readers.

Possible Topics: There is indeed an endless list of possible topics to blog about, here are just a few you may like to consider:

  • Banks
  • Big Companies and Corps
  • Credit Cards and Loans
  • Employee Management
  • Financial News
  • Forex
  • Investment Ideas
  • Money Saving Tips
  • Mortgage
  • My Reviews
  • Paying Taxes
  • Retail Industry
  • Running a Business
  • Small Business
  • Stock Market

You may well have thought of a title already, but for those who struggle with the composition of a possible title, here are some examples:

  • How a Small Business Can Survive a Recession
  • Finding Supportive Investors
  • Cutting Costs and Maximizing Profits

These are just geared to inspire you, undoubtedly you will have your very own brilliant topic and title. You may also run a possible subject or title by me prior to writing a piece and I will gladly provide you with guidance and share my thoughts on the topic at hand.

It’s important to remember that my blog is going to give you huge exposure and I will only be too delighted to give you full credit for your writing as well as insert a link to your own website and blog.

How to Submit a Guest Post

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